EAC 2013 Abstract Information

You are cordially welcome to participate at the EAC2013.

Despite of the fact that the deadline for abstract submission was closed, you can submit a „late poster“.

The deadline for late poster submission is closed.

From now on, you can bring your late poster with you to the EAC conference and ask by the registration desk where to display your poster. These posters will not be published in the Late Posters Information Book.


The scientific committee is proud to announce the Best Poster Awards winners for the EAC 2013 Conference: 

  • Mr. Michael Elsasser
    with abstract title Dynamic Changes of the Aerosol Composition and Concentration during Different Burning Phases of Wood Combustion in topic category PMx.
  • Mr. Roman Fröhlich
    with abstract title Year-round measurement of PM1 aerosol and its chemical composition in the Swiss high Alps using the Time-of-Flight Aerosol Chemical Speciation Monitor (ToF-ACSM) in topic category Atmospheric Aerosols.
  • Ms. Elini Goudeli
    with abstract title Multiscale design of aerosol synthesis of materials: Effect of structure on TiO2 & SiO2 particle growth by coagulation and sintering in topic category Fundamentals.
  • Ms. Gizem Inci
    with abstract title Modelling aerosol agglomeration using molecular dynamics methodology in topic category Aerosol Modelling.
  • Ms. Eunhwa Jang
    with abstract title Interpretation of Urban Particle-bound Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons Source Profiles of PMF with Known Site Specific Emission Characteristics in topic categoryAtmospheric Aerosols.
  • Mr. Marek Maasikmets
    with abstract title Seasonal variability of the PMx chemical composition and ammonia concentration in loose-housing cowshed in topic category PMx.
  • Ms. Laarnie Müller
    with abstract title Primary aerosols from ship diesel engine exhaust within the framework of HICE measurement campaign in topic category PMx.
  • Ms. Nicole Neubauer
    with abstract title Detection of Airborne Carbon Nanotubes via Embedded Nickel Catalysts in Quasi-Real Time in topic category Aerosol-based Nanotechnology.
  • Mr. Sebastian Schmitt
    with abstract title Influence of different fuels and grillables on particle emissions during an outdoor barbeque in topic category Atmospheric Aerosols.
  • Mr./Ms. Thea Schmitt
    with abstract title New Homogeneous Ice Nucleation Results from Measurements at a Large Atmospheric Simulation Chamber in topic category Atmospheric Aerosols.

Abstract review

The abstracts will be reviewed by the chairs and co-chairs of the EAA working groups. Abstracts which do not fulfil the standards will be rejected. Please avoid submitting abstracts containing only future results.

Accepted abstracts will be placed on the conference website and provided to conference attendees. Abstract titles and author lists will be listed in the conference handbook.

Participants should not make requests for oral presentation of several papers on similar subjects. We recommend submitting only the most general paper for oral presentation and the others for poster presentation.

The majority of submitted abstracts are likely to be allocated to poster sessions. In order to emphasise the importance of poster presentations, and to promote poster quality, a number of poster prizes will be awarded at the conference. The criteria to be used in judging quality will be described on the website.

Information about poster boards

Poster panel measurements: panel size is 2 m (height) x 1 m, usable area for poster is 1800 mm x 950 mm. Poster panels are covered by carpet, pins will be provided.